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With ever increasing demand for various outlets and safety management, the traditional single units of "door" security ideas gradually extended to the regional security management. "Speed through the door" as an important equipment of regional security, it is an integral part of the area can be divided into different functional areas, and auxiliary security personnel for authentication. ANSHITECH products can be combined with architectural style, solve the building of public area and office area partition and identity certification requirements.

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Tianjin Beichen Economic and Technological Development...

Anstenco safety interlock door is combined with the bank entrance guard management system, and the design of the interlock door after being advanced ensures that only authorized personnel can pass through, passing one person at a time, and preventing tailing. The PBS anti-tailing system ANSHITECH quick-pass door can prevent unauthorized people from entering. The simple box design can be integrated with the hall environment. It is a product solution with both comfort and safety.

Yangzhou Bank of Communications Finance
Service Center.

Xinhua Insurance

Industrial Bank

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ICBC Data Center


Anstech Express Gate is an intelligent channel management equipment carefully developed, developed and produced for many years. It is a high-tech product mainly aimed at intelligent management of personnel channels. The equipment will be mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and a variety of identification technology organically integrated, through the selection of a variety of identification system equipment and the use of reliable performance of security protection devices, alarm devices, direction instructions, and the expansion of friendly LED counting display interface, coordination to achieve intelligent control and management of the channel. Suitable for high security structures, such as prisons, scientific research, military institutions, etc., can provide security and privacy protection.

Yangzhou Bank of Communications Finance
Service Center.


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